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WE Information for Social Responsibility is the new worldwide top communication instrument on philanthropy and social responsibility. WE  aims at maximizing the impact of philanthropy.

WE is a media not for profit. WE is:

  • media of investigative journalism on society, social change and social needs, helping socially responsible entrepreneurs to identify and detect causes to tackle,
  • A  hub to connect multiple stakeholders concerned about social responsibility
  • A forum where potential beneficiaries of philanthropy can make their voice heard,
  • An instrument to evolve from “dispersed philanthropy” to “strategic philanthropy”.


WE is supported by NESMA, the network of socially responsible entrepreneurs.



WE put human beings first

WE believe in participation to the society

WE believe in empathy with other people

WE do not believe red tape, bureaucracy, inflexibility, can solve any problem

WE believe in the fact each person has to take his responsibility in the society, in order to improve our world.


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Mariagrazia Forcella is the Editor in Chief of WE

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NESMA is an association  of socially responsible entrepreneurs.

Membership is by invitation only.

We invite to participate entrepreneurs (and other donors)  who distinguished themselves for the activities they launched  aiming at improving the social framework where they operate.

NESMA is a forum where to conceive and consolidate the successful impact at local and global level  of SR (socially responsible) initiatives.

NESMA helps the creation of affinity groups, encouraging each participant to undertake the set of actions in which he excels. The participants mutually reinforce the endeavours of each other. The affinity groups bring distinctive added value to the activities of the individual participants.  It is the concept of “catalytic philanthropy” (as developed in the fall 2009 edition of Stanford Social Innovation Review).

Almost everywhere in the world, philanthropy is facing a period of considerable increase.  Moreover,  in many cases, the capacity of philanthropy in tackling social issues has largely bypassed the capacity of the Welfare States: even though the financial resources given by philanthropists are limited in comparison with those devoted by States to social policies,  a better management, a more flexible approach, a bureaucracy-free methodology, have produced significantly successful results.

Nevertheless, more and better communication is still needed.

NESMA aims at maximising the social and the global  impact of the efforts undertaken by its members.

NESMA aims at achieving the following objectives :

  1. Communicating philanthropy, through the new media online WE
  2. Enhancing the social impact at local communities level
  3. Increasing the international coordination for a global impact.



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Mariagrazia Forcella is the Director of NESMA



Mariagrazia Forcella also launched the Network of Socially Responsible Journalists.

From USA to Pakistan, from UK to Italy, from Spain to United Arab Emirates, from Canada to India, from Egypt to Ireland, top journalists engaged to be members of the NSRJ.

They engaged to sign this declaration:



Network of socially responsible journalists

We members of the Network of socially responsible journalists (NSRJ) aim at promoting throughout our work, a culture of social responsibility in the society and in the media

We members of NSRJ believe in the following values:


We believe in solidarity

We believe in ethics and deontology while performing our job

We put human beings first

We believe in the fact each person has to take his part of responsibility in the society, in order to improve our world.






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